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Woman - Contact Us in Mobile, Alabama, for the Cool Advantage Comfort System, a Portable Heating and Cooling System Vest. Man - Contact Us in Mobile, Alabama, for the Cool Advantage Comfort System, a Portable Heating and Cooling System Vest.

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The Cool Advantage system consists of 2 main parts: the cooling/heating apparel and the delivery system. The apparel consists of a specially designed vest which will provide the ultimate portable cooling experience. The apparel is made of lightweight and durable 400-denier nylon with a specially designed liner for its thermal properties and long life. Each piece is made of bonded materials to provide many years of service and comfort. The patent-pending design provides maximum thermal properties, allows for extended wear periods with minimum weight, and is well-suited for many recreational activities as well as indoor wear. The delivery system consists of an ordinary ice chest modified for this purpose, and sized to fit individual needs and appearance. 

It can be used with or without bike trailers, in boats, airplanes, and other non-vehicle applications. A 12-volt battery is all that’s needed. The cooling system alone draws about 2 amps. The entire system can connect through a vehicle’s wiring system or directly to battery terminals with clamps.  110 volt systems for household, commercial and industrial use are available.  Call us with your specific needs for these.  Our backpack unit is designed for yardwork and exercising.  A basic, inexpensive unit can be used on riding mowers and off-road 3 and 4 wheelers.  The uses are endless!

How it Works
The apparel is worn and connected to, in most cases, a standard ice chest adapted for this use, by way of plastic tubing. Chilled or warmed tap water is pumped into the suit, and the flow of liquid provides the cooling or warmth to the individual through the wall of the material. With this, temperature is adjusted by flow regulation using a small addition of cooling or heating to maintain your desired level of comfort. The apparel is to be worn between clothing for maximum comfort and the amount of clothing is determined by individual preference. Cool Advantage suit cooling is provided by ice added to the cooler chest for cold-water circulation. Similarly, warm water is circulated from the same chest and equipment through the suit. 

The advantage here is that a small heater adds just enough heat to maintain body temperatures even on cold days. Two people can be connected to the chest with separate tubing. Smaller chests can be utilized to feed each individual separately. One can be using cooling and the other warmth at the same time.  Engel coolers are also available that incorporate cooling and heating within.  Peltier cells do not provide sufficient cooling or heating and are not recommended.  Our liquid heater is now available for use with liquid cooled engines in vehicles and cycles.  A small, stainless steel heat exchanger is used to indirectly warm circulated water to the vests.  Temperature control is always maintained by the riders for continuous comfort and enjoyment.  Several heater options are available to suit your style and preference.

Power Requirements
The system operates on 12 V DC and power draw depends on whether cooling, heating, or both are desired and how long in use. The cooling system pump draws about 2 amps and the refrigerator/heater about 3 amps. A manually controlled or fully automatic system can be purchased, and both can be installed in minutes with ordinary tools. A battery harness is provided with the system.   While riding in any weather, the system will provide continuous comfort.  The exchanger heater uses no power and uses free engine heat to provide continuous warmth to the Cool Advantage system.

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